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North Point Drive-In
North Point Blvd. at Old Battle Grove Rd., Dundalk, Md.
years of operation: 1948-82
currently: outdoor portion of flea market

Built and operated by the local Durkee Circuit.

Click here for a 1951 photo of the front of the drive-in, including the screen tower and marquee. Note the similarities in both structures to those of the George M. Petersen-designed Beltsville Drive-In. It's from an issue of Boumi Temple News, the house organ of Baltimore's Shrine chapter, promoting an Easter sunrise service sponsored by the Dundalk Shrine Club.

Click here to see the 1985 USGS map depicting the North Point and surrounding area.
here for a detailed, full-color oblique view of the North Point Flea Market.
  "Hi, I was researching online info for the old drive-in...
  "My first memory of going to the drive-in involves seeing 101 Dalmatians back in the 1950s? I was very young and we were so excited to be going to see Disney's new release. We got there early with a picnic dinner. Then my siblings and I were allowed to play on the swings and see-saw before the movie began. THEN, we got to sit comfortably in the bed of my dad's truck as we watched the movie. Needless to say we fell asleep during the second movie. I vaguely remember stumbling into the house at midnight. I can still remember my amazement that we had been allowed to stay out so late!
  "The drive-in was very much a part of my childhood.
  "Eventually, the roller skating rink next to the drive-in became the indoor portion of the flea market for which the drive-in became VERY popular over the last 20-30 years.
  "I spent nearly every Saturday for a number of years going to the skating rink, learning to skate -- falling in and out of love -- and just hanging out with a great bunch of friends.
  "I was very much saddened to hear that the flea market at the drive-in was closing -- until many of the vendors moved to the CnS Trading Co & Mini Mall where I am a vendor.
  "It was a great boost to my little business. So, the drive-in -- or the closing of it -- continues to impact my life nearly 50 years after my very first visit there.
  "Thanks for the online info!"
-- Anna Renault

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