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Looking for an operating drive-in anywhere in the U.S., Canada or around the world? has it listed. The site also contains links to various drive-in-related Web articles, drive-in references in movies, music and other media, and products and services for those in the business.

Other sites with a national/international scope: Drive In Theater is a highly entertaining site which contains a wealth of nostalgic images and sounds, as well as scores of links to drive-ins and drive-in-related sites. The History Channel-backed, a site with roots going back to the '80s BBS days, is very attractive and well-written in its coverage of the remaining open drive-ins.

Looking for great drive-in memorabilia, such as classic intermission-reel stills, full-color reprints of grand-opening ads, or an audio CD compiling dozens of those wacky intermission ads of yore? The Drive-In Exchange is the place to go.

So the season's over and you're hankering for a drive-in experience? Meanrabbit Drive-In may not be exactly authentic, but it certainly is amusing. Check it out, if you have the Macromedia Flash plug-in.

If you're interested in researching the drive-in history of your own hometown, we recommend checking out these articles, which contain numerous valuable tips for gleaning information.

Want to converse online with other drive-in enthusiasts? There's a great e-mail discussion forum at YahooGroups.

Many of the drive-ins covered by this site are members of the United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association, the leading trade group representing over 120 drive-in owners and operators worldwide. For those of you who dream about building or refurbishing your own drive-in, they offer a mentoring program aimed at helping people like you turn those dreams into reality.

Below are links to some fine regional drive-in sites from across America and abroad:
Michigan Drive-In Theatre Guide
Bill Jelen's Drive-In Theatre Page [N.E. Ohio]
Movies By Starlight -- The Drive-Ins of Wisconsin
TravBeav's Drive-In Theater Site [Rochester, N.Y. area]
Drive-In Theaters of Connecticut
Southern California's Drive-Ins [Colorado]
Drive-In Theaters of Western Washington (and some of Eastern Washington)
Drive-ins Downunder [Australia]
Drive-In Theatres of the South Pacific (fascinating! Also lists drive-ins in numerous countries around the globe.)

If you're at all interested in drive-in photos, you have got to check this page out. It's part of a site devoted to "Geocaching" (a sort of scavenger hunt-type sport played with GPS locators -- long story). Here, participants are invited to seek out drive-ins, either open or out of business, and post their geographical coordinates. There are hundreds of accounts of visits to drive-ins all over the world, with accompanying pictures.

BEYOND DRIVE-INS: Those of us who grew up in Northern Virginia know there's more about the region's recent past worth reminiscing about than just the drive-ins. NorVApics is a great place to do it, with hundreds of vintage images (as the name suggests) of local amusement places and other landmarks, and a wide-ranging message board.