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mobile drive-in?
US 522, Unionville, Va.

" mother grew up in Orange County at Unionville, at the intersection of Route 20 and Route 522. She says that when they were kids, they would go to the drive-in on Route 522, but it was a traveling drive-in. I'd never heard of that and wondered if it was common, and why there's never any mention of it on websites. She said they would come down the roads with a speaker on their car announcing that there would be a show tonight. She always pointed out the field where it was held and you could see a very small projection building." -- Terry Jones
If anyone has any information about the phenomenon of traveling drive-in shows in Central Virginia (or elsewhere), please
let me know. Might it have something to do with the "portable" drive-in setups alluded to in industry literature of the '40s (e.g. Holt's Open Air Theatre at Louisa)?

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