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Thornburg Drive-In
US 1 in Thornburg, Va., across from present-day Travelers Row shopping center
capacity: 100 cars
known year of operation: 1950 (to 1956?)
currently: mobile home sales lot

Very little is known about this one, except that ads for it ran in the Fredericksburg newspaper during the year before the big Pitts Drive-In opened there. As of 1953 it was still standing, if not running.
"I asked my aunt, who grew up in the Fredericksburg area, if she remembered anything about the mysterious Thornburg Drive-In that used to be on Route 1. She thinks it was still in operation as late as 1956. She remembered riding with a friend in the friend's dad's 18-wheeler truck out to Richmond and seeing it open as they passed it by. Very interesting!" -- Martha Lynch

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