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Trail Drive-In
US 460 east, Roanoke, Va.
capacity: 240 cars
years of operation: 1952-84
currently: Texaco station, Rivermont School, Bank of Botetourt branch

"I was looking at your site and thought I would email you. My Dad was the projectionist at the Trail Drive-In mainly, and my Mom worked in the snack bar (best hot dogs in the world), but he also worked at the Shenandoah Drive-In, the American Theatre, the Jefferson Theatre and a few more. I more or less grew up at the Trail Drive-In. After I married I later found out my husband's uncle 'Bill Bailey' owned the Shenandoah Drive-In. Of course, my Dad and my husband's uncle are gone now, but your site sure brought back happy memories of 'hanging around' while my Dad spliced film and showed me how to watch for the 'cues' to switch projectors...Thank you. I do have a picture of my Dad in one of the projection booths. I'm not sure if it's the American Theatre or the Jefferson. Wish I had more pictures." -- Shelby M.

Click here to see the 1984 USGS map depicting the Trail and surrounding area.

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