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Orange Drive-In
location 1: VA 20, 2 miles east of Orange, Va., opposite airport
capacity: 150 cars
known years of operation: 1950-51
currently: reverted to woodland

A sister to the Seven Pines Drive-In in Cismont, this Orange Drive-In had no connection besides name to the one below. It was put up for sale almost immediately after the newer drive-in opened; it's doubtful that it ever showed movies again.

location 2: US 15 south of Orange, Va.
capacity: 208 cars
years of operation: 1952-79
currently: Orange-Madison Co-op

The Pitts Orange Drive-In, as it was first known, was started by the Fredericksburg-based Pitts chain, which also operated the Madison Theatre in downtown Orange. It became simply the Orange Drive-In in 1970, after Pitts merged and subsumed its corporate identity with R/C Theatres.

Click here to see the 1984 USGS map depicting the drive-in and surrounding area.

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