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Mayberry Drive-In Theater and Diner

location 1696 White House Rd. (VA 608), Moneta, Va.
telephone (540) 296-1480
date of opening October 19, 2008
capacity 225 cars
booking policy double features (mostly first-run, some classic or themed)
sound FM
other features digital projection
screen size 26' x 60'
admission $8 adults, $4 children 5-12, children under 5 free; outside food permit $10/vehicle
operating season early spring-early winter (diner open 365 days a year)

** (4/16/15) The drive-in is open, but the diner has been closed since April 2 when it was struck by a fire that caused extensive damage to the building. A concessions trailer is currently utilized on movie nights. **

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Average rating: 4.3 (37 votes)
  "My husband and I tried this for the first time and thought it was great, we came early so that we could eat before the movie and really enjoyed it. It was a nice set-up and the food was good and inexpensive. We will be returning for more."  5 -- Laurie
  "Great experience, food was great, movie was presented fine. Sounds like a lot of people come with such high expectations that there's no way to please them..."  5 -- chris
  "This was our first time at the Mayberry Drive-In. Wish I had glorious comments like the reviews I read before coming. It started off with the drive down. The directions/map on the website sent us about 15 MILES the wrong direction. They are COMPLETELY wrong. Then when we get there, we walk in & sit at the counter and between 3 waitresses, 1 guy at the register and an obviously VERY unhappy cook, no one so much as looked at us let alone spoke until we had to ask if we needed to have a seat at a booth or could we eat at the counter. Once we placed our order, the food was served in a timely fashion and there were no issues. We then got 2 bags of burnt/dried out popcorn and proceeded to watch the movie. I seriously doubt we will go back and will not recommend it to anyone. We drove 45 minutes (not counting the misdirection) to get there. Just not worth it. Sorry....."  3 -- Hal & Medrith Woody
  "Loved it, great place to go."  5 -- jim p
  "This is the second time in 2 summmers that we've paid ($49 - 7 people) for a double header and couldn't hear the words. The cars on both sides of us had the same problem. We went to complain and ask for our $ back. First we were told he couldn't. Then he went to his truck and he told us that his radio played it fine. We insisted for our $ back and were told that policy didn't allow for the on duty manager to do that - only a rain check / gift certificate. We'd have to bring them back when the owner was there. Four of us men asked him to call the owner. He did but did not get anyone. We received the rain checks / gift certificate and will have to be inconvenienced to go back and ask for our $ back with the owner tomorrow. Bad customer service."  2 -- Johnston
  "I had an amazing time. I had never been to a drive-in before and I truly loved it... Thank you for having this business in our home town to enjoy!!"  5 -- Ruthy Jennings
  "Love the drive-in, kids can sleep in the car or leave the little ones with a sitter. Bring your own food.... 2 movies for this price well worth it. So you stay up late, so enjoy..."  5 -- KAY
  "This Drive-In is amazing!!!! It is wonderful to get a get out spot for the family so cheap!!!! Thanks to the owner for sure!!!! Good move, we needed somewhere like this for so long closer to us!!! Food has been good for us!!! Service is good. Food takes a bit to get to you but that is their restaurant and they can do what the heck they want as long as they feel like it. Americans think life out is supposed to be perfect. Who cares, it happens! If you are too good to accept people have to do a little trial and error when trying to satisfy such greedy and inconsiderate people when trying to run a business, go to Valley View and blow your whole wad and get some 8 dollar popcorn and leave the country alone. Love the Mayberry!!!!"  5 -- T the Tree Man!!!
  "LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mayberry Drive-In! A bunch of our friends plan a night and we caravan out to Moneta. We live in Lynchburg... We all parked in a square (per se) and have an enclosed area - the kids have a blast with their friends! The adults know it is a safe environment and a great get away! Bob is AWESOME! He is so sweet and very willing to work with area groups for fund raising. Our MOPS group has been there the last two years! A pleasure to work with. My girls want to get a summer job there when they are old enough (6 more years!) Can't wait to see what Bob has done to the place by then! Keep up the GREAT work!"  5 -- Sara
  "We drove for 1 hour to go to the special showing on Thanksgiving to share a part of our childhood with our children. They had no idea what a drive-in was, and they never opened, time was seven and no one showed and they did not put up any cancellation notices."  1 -- b.m.
  "We fell in love with your drive-in as soon as we arrived! We had a wonderful dinner... the service and food were excellent.. and stayed for the movies! You are a pot of gold from a bygone era. It would be wonderful if they could move the rides up between the diner and the screen. Maybe to the left of the screen? Anyway.. a wonderful thing going on there in Moneta and will visit again every chance we get!"  5 -- Jeff Kitchen
  "Some of you need to stop complaining. You get two movies for $7. Yes it makes for a late night but deal with it or don't go. What do you expect, he can't play the movie until it gets dark. I've never gone where they don't play the movie how it is listed on their website. And yes sometimes the service isn't as fast as it should be but I've had worse service at other places. If you don't like the food or service in the diner bring your own food and eat in the car. You can't do that in a theater... We drive from Roanoke and will continue. We usually leave there spending no more than $35. I think the employees are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!"  5 -- "E"
  "The movies were great. The service in the diner Was terrible. Very slow to acknowledge the customers. We will definitely go back. Overall it was a good experience."  4 -- AET
  "The staff at the diner is so courteous and everyone is so nice. The menu is limited in dinner entrees, however the food is good. If you are looking for a great breakfast or lunch at a reasonable price - please try them."  4 -- steve and brenda
  "It's sooo much fun to gather together with friends and family and see great movies. Also, the food is great! You meet SO many new people while you wait! Plus, the sound and view are great!"  5 -- Lyndsay Durrett
  "Only issues I see with the drive-in is big SUVs and trucks parking in front of small cars or people sitting in chairs in front of their cars. They need to put trucks and SUVs further back.."  4 -- linda s
  "We went last night, visited Smith Mountain Lake and thought we would try this place out. Food was okay, not all that, they do not have the best burgers, it [was] okay. We wanted to order dessert, told the waitress several times, drinks never got filled and after 45 mins. come to take our dessert order they had no Vanilla ice cream, could not make milk shakes nor did they have half of the desserts on their menu -- if it is listed you need to keep it, not pick days!!! We decided to go up the road to find an ice cream shop. Meal was 40.00 dollars for four and two were kids, I will never eat there again. Took the kids to see Transformers and they showed some movie called Super 8 first which was not advertised first, and would show Transformers second -- how many kids stay up to 1 in the morning to watch a movie? We were so mad we left and when you complain they look at you like you are stupid and they don't care when your kids get nightmares you would. I dont recommend at all, I will go to Eden Drive-In in NC, better food employees and kid friendly!!!"  2 -- Tami
  "Drive-in nice, but plan to spend 100 dollars or more with a family of four, much less to go to the movie theaters."  2 -- robbie
  "Great food, lots of fun, will be spending a lot of time at the drive-in and diner this season."  5 -- Sean
  "Great place! I would like to see it grow!"  5 -- Patrick
  "Restroom didn't have paper towels, which I mentioned to the waitress, but as of an hour later, there still weren't paper towels in the restroom. The waitresses could try being a little more friendly if they want a tip."  3 -- Elizabeth Leblanc
  "My family visited for the first time to watch Toy Story 3 and it was such a special experience!! Never mind that I'm a Twi-hard and I got to stay to watch Eclipse for free... the food was OK at the diner but next time we're going to have sundaes. We keep checking the listings for when we can come again and CAN'T WAIT!! My 15-year old asks almost every day when we're going back."  5 -- Wendy
  "We visited the Diner several times last year during our trip to lake. The diner was very popular with all ages in our big family, good food, good prices. Only complaint was the sound system not working properly during a viewing at the drive-in, but we would go back and give it another try."  4 -- Ida Hermansdorfer
  "I tell you this, I have been coming there for the past two years, there is nothing else I would rather do with my two girls and husband on a weekend. It is very reasonable pricing, and always good friendly service, great selection of movies playing. You don't want to miss out. Also has a playground where the little ones can play while you wait, you know wear them out before the show."  5 -- Sabrina Clayton
  "Need Bathrooms instead of stinky porta johns, need to change website prices to the prices charged at the gate.... was expecting to pay $6.00 but was charged $7.00... But over all had a great time."  4 -- Sherrie
  "I think the drive in is a sigh of relief for Moneta, being about the ONLY place in town that teens can hang out at later hours. The prices are great, it has a large car capacity and even has an awesome playground for kids to play on while waiting for the movie to start! My only issue was that if you don't park in the front couple of rows, the screen is so dark you can't see. I've never eaten at the Diner, but the staff at the ticket booth is always so friendly I'm sure the diner would be a good experience too!"  4 -- Kelli
  "This drive-in provides a relaxed family atmosphere at a great price. There is even a playground by the movie screen for the kids to play on before the show begins. The diner has excellent food and the staff is very friendly."  5 -- Jenn Mealy
  "My wife and I tried Mayberry Drive-In Diner on March 8, 2010. The decor was nice, the diner was clean. Our order was incorrect. One of the bacon cheeseburgers was under cooked (pink inside). The so called homemade strawberry/banana cake was dry. It tasted like the cardboard box was mixed into cake. Due to the time it takes to travel to the restaurant and disappointing, overpriced food, it was a shame we wasted our time."  2 -- disappointed
  "I went with my kids last year and we all had a blast. I found out this week the drive-in will be opening for the season Easter Weekend - can't wait!"  5 -- Jane
  "We went in the summertime to a blockbuster that opened that weekend. No waiting in lines! We also brought the baby so I was comfortable in my own car on the first date with my hubby since the baby was born."  5 -- Clair
  "I have a family of 5 and it is almost impossible for us to go to the movies because it's so expensive. Mayberry drive-in was cheap for us and our kids loved it. The diner was really cool, too."  5 -- Sarah
  "The Mayberry drive-in blew our minds. we went and saw Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen and Imagine That. It was an amazing expierence and the food at the diner was delicious. This is a great family activity. (Just get sleep the night before you go. The second movie didn't end till 1:00.)"  5 -- Bush's
  "Great place to bring your kids. The Diner is good but it sometimes takes awhile to receive your food. Food is good also but sometimes cold because the wait is long."  5 -- Marie
  "We thought this was awesome. We are in our early 20's and loved it!!! We liked the selection of movies and even watched the kid movie before the movie we wanted to see. We will definitely be back next weekend and are planning on recruiting others!!! The diner is a great finishing touch, and adds to the excitement, we will be back for pre-show dinners!"  5 -- Moores
  "I am not able to rate the drive-in yet, since we have not gone. I was disappointed at the selections for the upcoming weekend. If I wasn't planning on taking my children (9 and 3 yr olds) it would have been great!!! But that is not the case. I had read and heard that it was a theatre trying to promote an inexpensive night out for a family of four and was very disappointed to see the selections for the 17th- 19th of April. I would suggest a balance of a children friendly showing at 8:30 and something PG13 at 10:30. I wouldn't personally mind a rated R but if I came with all the family and the kids were either still awake or paying attention I would have to leave.
  "Thank you and I hope to visit the theatre and diner soon!"  
-- Karen Nunn
  "Best fries I've had in years! If you want a real milkshake, burger and fries - this is the place to get them.
  "Their flapjacks are as good as dessert, with a generous serving of blueberries and whipped cream on top.
  "As soon as we walked out the door, the three kids asked to come back again soon. I think that's a good indication of how good the food is."  5
-- Ginger

Virginia's second new drive-in of the millennium became a reality on October 2008. Like the Park Place in Marion, it's a hybrid -- a retro-style diner was constructed adjacent to the theatre, providing a view of the screen at some tables. More extensive information can be found in these articles: 1  2  3 and more recently: 4

By June 2008, the ramps were molded and graveled, as seen below:

Mid-August, and the project is in full swing, with the screen, diner and other buildings in place:

As you can see, it's not only Cosmo's Diner of Chesapeake that was repurposed. FedEx kiosks (which we assume will be repainted) will serve as the ticket and projection booths.