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Martinsville Drive-In
Rich Acres Rd. (now Joseph Martin Hwy.) off US 220/business south, Martinsville, Va.
capacity: 333 cars
years of operation: 1948-79
currently: apartments

For some reason, R/C Theatres saw fit to close both this and the Castle D-I in Collinsville on the same night, Labor Day eve 1979. The final show was a triple feature of '70s AIP pics: "The Incredible Melting Man", "The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant" and "The Thing with Two Heads". Previously it had been managed by Mrs. Jessie C. Carper of Collinsville (also see Castle), who took it over in the '50s from its founders, Alton and Francis Davis and Stover Terry.
"I remember going to the movies there as a kid with family. We would lie on a quilt in the grass to watch the show and play during intermission. The concession stand had a low-flat roof, and sometimes Flatt and Scruggs or Bill Monroe would play old-timey mountain music. I would sure like to have a photo of the old drive-in which brings back memories of happier days growing up while living in Ridgeway, VA." -- Donna Vance

Click here to see the 1984 USGS map depicting the drive-in and surrounding area.

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