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Goochland Drive-In

location 4344 Old Fredericksburg Rd., just south of I-64 exit 152, Hadensville, Va.
telephone (804) 457-3456
opened August 28, 2009
capacity screen 1: 340+ cars
screen 2 (The Grove): mostly open lawn, 30 car spaces
booking policy double features (some retro nights)
sound FM; in-ground speakers for "Grove" screen
screen size screen 1: 90' wide
other features digital projection
admission adults $8.50, children 4-11 $4; under 4 free
operating season March-October

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A new addition for the 2018 season: The Grove, a separate, smaller screen and viewing area that will specialize in non-"blockbuster" genre movies, as opposed to the larger main screen. The Grove has its own snack bar and restrooms, and importantly, the lot is mainly open lawn (with built-in, in-ground speakers); only a few of the car parking spots are designated for traditional "drive-in" style viewing.

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Average rating: 4.78 (18 votes)
  "We have been to this drive-in theater five times and we have nothing but positive and great remarks. The staff is always courteous, friendly, and very respectful. The atmosphere is very family-oriented as we have two young children who love to play on the playground and also towards the front area with frisbees and throwing balls. You will NOT find a more reasonably priced establishment from the entry fees as well as the concession stand items. You can spend quite some time deciding which of the wide variety of different and freshly made items to choose from. If anything, there should be more of these places then the normal indoor theaters that are very highly priced on both their entry and concession stands because at Goochland the prices are unbelievably cheap."  5 -- Donna Afonso.
  "We attended last night for the first time and it was a sell-out. The snack bar line was long but the staff was very accommodating and I was actually impressed with their speed considering how many people were in line. Not to mention, where else can you see two movies and feed a family of four for under $40?"  5 -- April Smith.
  "What sets these guys apart is their commitment to servicing their customers... unlike anything we've ever seen at a regular theatre. Found out about it from friends and now we're hooked too! Top notch facility!"  5 -- Don H.
  "Our family loves this drive-in! Friendly employees and great food too. Have been going for over two years now and hope to keep going for many years to come."  5 -- Phillip M.
  "First time last weekend and our family loved it! Family atmosphere, food was good, clean restrooms, very inexpensive night out for a family of 5! We also noticed how helpful and friendly the employees don't see that too much anymore. Hope to visit again soon!"  5 -- Mary Anne Stephens
  "I've been twice, the first time was a sell-out and this time was for my daughter's birthday, not a sell-out but plenty of people. I've found the lines to move quickly and everyone is so friendly! One of the workers came over to help me carry my food to the car as it was just me with 4 young kids, they had rope on hand to help tie down the lid on my truck/back hatch of my van. Prices are so reasonable & bathrooms are clean!!!!! I love the playground for the kids to wear themselves out on before expecting them to sit through a movie or two. They even wished my daughter a Happy 6th Birthday over the radio and everyone started honking - it made her night!!!!"  5 -- Jamie
  "Really have enjoyed sharing the drive-in experience with my wife and kids at the Goochland Drive-In. Besides the low prices, the staff does a wonderful job helping folks park and making sure there's no riff-raff (we love that!) Food is great and the place is clean and inviting. Kudos to you guys!"  5 -- Tom D.
  "Had to check out the Goochland Drive-In...sleepy grandchild stuffed full of Goochdog, fries, and ice cream says to me... 'This was the best day of my life, Gramma.' Well worth the drive from Richmond! Five stars!"  5 -- Ruth Lewis
  "I generally just like drive-ins . . . so we'll return if there's a movie we really want to see, but there were several things:
  1) There are many bad spots: the parking spaces are too flat, and we have a truck and frequently can't see over other vehicles and have to manipulate our chairs a lot or repark a lot to get a good spot.
  2) The food lines do not flow, and we have waited from the beginning of end-credits of first movie to fifteen minutes into the second movie to get popcorn.
  3) The swamp area behind the screen looks like fun for little boys to observe nature: however, we were waved out numerous times, only to see other kids continue to go there, and weren't spoken to. If there are snakes, or you don't want anyone to go there, please post a sign.
  4) I understand the need for some sort of security, but you feel like you're constantly being monitored or watched by this huge fleet of security people and that really takes away from the feel of being out in the country.
  5) Otherwise, food was great when we finally got it, and the bathrooms were wonderful.
  6) Our kids enjoyed the playground until a bunch of pushy teenagers tried to butt in line for their friend or relative. Then, waiting in line for a see-saw over and over again became painful, and I had to actually tell the adults and teenagers that it had been my child's turn, and they needed to let them get on. This happened several times.
  "I hope these suggestions help when you build another drive-in."  2
-- Edie
  "We like the cleanliness and food very much. The play area is nice for our kids to play in before the movies start. Though they were sold out with CARS 2 and extremely busy, the owner walked up to each person in line to thank them for their patience. Good place for families on a budget."  5 -- K.P.
  "Love love love this place!!! Such a fun and cheap night out with the family -- or as a relaxing date night with just me and my husband. Food is good and you get 2 movies!!! Owners and staff are very friendly and strive to ensure everyone is having a good time. Can't wait until next season!"  5 -- Lesley
  "Awesome family time! Very well managed --- friendly workers --- clean facility! Can't beat the prices on admission and food either!"  5 -- Tracy
  "We were regulars at the new drive-in and then they started a new thing with the parking. Cars get the good spaces and everyone else has to park along the sides or in the back. Since we were not in a car and had to park among SUV's and trucks our view stunk so we stopped going. So, I think it is an awesome drive-in; the owners really care about it. The prices are great, the facility is great. Nice playground for the kids, etc. Just take the idea with you that if you're not in a car you're probably not going to get the seat you want."  4 -- andy m
  "We'd heard a lot of good things about this place and finally decided to visit last weekend. What a great time our family had! Really takes you back to the old days. Prices are so low we're not sure how they make any money, but the food is actually really good and the employees are so friendly. Well-managed as they don't tolerate any sort of riff-raff and the place is very clean. Definitely worth future visits for our family!"  5 -- David P.
  "Love this place!!! Such an awesome drive-in for families...unbelievably affordable, delicious food, playground, clean restrooms. Beautiful atmosphere. Plus -- the friendly staff and security team makes you feel at home. We can't wait until the 2010 season begins!!!"  5 -- Melissa L.
  "Great place for the family -- good food -- cheap prices for admission and food. Friendly staff makes you feel at home. We'll be back!"  5 -- Robert G.
  "My husband and I went to drive-in theaters years ago as kids and thought they were all gone for good! So we were pleasantly surprised to learn that a brand new one had been built near Richmond! We've taken our kids three times so far and have had a great time on every visit -- wholesome and affordable! My kids love the playground and be sure to try their 'Gooch Dog' at the Snack Bar!"  5 -- Melissa D.
  "Great family atmosphere -- and the food is a big hit with us! Very affordable too -- the most expensive thing on their menu is only $3.50! Very clean restrooms and friendly staff. We'll be back again!"  5 -- Bill M.
  "I Just can't tell you HOW EXCITED I AM that you guys are putting this here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  -- Jessica

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