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Super 29 Drive-In
4723 West Ox Rd., off Lee Highway (US 29 west), Fairfax, Va.
500 cars
years of operation:
currently: Costco store

This grassy-surfaced drive-in was located around the corner from a '60s Wild West-style family attraction, Old Virginia City, and directly across from a medium-security state prison, Camp 30, which closed in 2005 (it's now the West Ox Complex, a public safety/transportation services center). It was also, unfortunately, about a half-mile downwind from the county dump...
  "The Super 29 in Fairfax was closer to my home. I went there many times with girlfriends and/or friends. It was adjacent to a dumpy bar called 'The Hunter's Lodge'. A Costco and Home Depot now sit on the property.
  "Keep up the good work. I have this crazy idea, that in about 5-8 years, when I retire from my current job, that I'm going to open a drive-in. (but not in Northern VA) Wish me luck!"
-- Mark

Click here to see a photo of the Super 29 logo on its marquee, posted at

Click here to see the 1983 USGS map depicting the drive-in and surrounding area.
Below is an aerial photo of the Super 29 from 1986, the year after it closed.

A view of the screen tower from Old Virginia City. Thanks to Stu Megaw for the photo.

Thanks to Richard Webb for this Super 29 handbill, most likely from fall 1971.

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