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Pulaski Drive-In
US 11, 1 mile west of Dublin, Va.
capacity: 312 cars
years of operation: 1948-81
currently: private residence

Click here to see the 1984 USGS map depicting the drive-in and surrounding area.

Below is a series of vintage photos from a mailer advertising an auction of the drive-in by Roanoke real estate firm J.G. Sheets & Sons. The year is not given, but can be narrowed down by several clues. The car in the third picture appears to be a 1959 Pontiac station wagon; the lack of a zip code on the return address puts it no later than 1963; and the date of the auction, Wednesday, July 13, fell only in 1960 during that time frame. The Grace Kelly movie on the marquee is from 1954, though, suggesting that some of the photos may have been years older than the brochure.
   The ad offers this description of the drive-in: "This well-located property consists of 5.80 acres, well-elevated with beautiful view of the countryside, and is equipped for a 312-car drive-in theatre. Improved with 34' x 80' Cinemascope screen covered with metal; large concession stand, projection booth and ticket office all enclosed with metal fence. All buildings are of masonry construction. Also, large double arrow sign on highway goes with property. Has 30-foot street on three sides of property. Equipment consists of two Simplex XL projectors with Strong mighty 90 lamps, dual and magnetic sound; 312 speakers; 95-foot moonlight tower; completely equipped concession stand and all other equipment necessary to operate a profitable drive-in. This is the only outdoor theatre serving the Pulaski-Dublin area."

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