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Crozet Drive-In
off Jarman Gap Rd. (VA 691), Crozet, Va.
capacity: 141 cars
known years of operation: 1951-56
currently: part of Old Trail subdivision

Carved out of a still-working orchard in 1951. Fun Fact: Old Trail, while it was still under construction in mid-2006, was the main filming location for the movie Evan Almighty.
"I love the information you are gathering on drive-in theaters. Great memories from my youth. I grew up in Crozet on property adjoining the old Crozet Drive-In and attended many times. I remember all the family members taking a lawn chair and sitting around a speaker. I believe it was open until the mid-60ís as I have vivid memories and was born in 1955. Admission was $.25 walking and $.35 per person in a car or $1.25 for a carful. I remember the prices from riding my bike past the admission sign for years after it was closed. I will try to research and get a more definitive closing date and any other interesting info I can find. Thanks for the website." -- Danny Via

Below is part of a 1963 aerial photo showing the drive-in.

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