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Song Book Drive-In
old US 460 (now VA 751, Cox Rd.), Church Road, Va. (across from Midway Elementary School)
known year of operation: 1947
currently: part of residential area

One of the more mysterious drive-ins I've learned about, not least because of the odd choice of "The Song Book" to name it. It's another of those mayfly-lived ozoners that one stumbles across while researching others from the same era (I love when that happens). Seems there were a LOT of those dotting rural Virginia in the '40s and '50s, probably more than I've imagined. In this case it made its first appearance in the Petersburg Progress-Index amusements section on July 11, 1947 (showing that night: the Dead End Kids comedy Give Us Wings, also with Shemp Howard). It disappeared a little more than three weeks later, after a new drive-in opened much closer to Petersburg.

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