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Starlite Drive-In

location Starlight Drive, off Roanoke St. (US 11 east), Christiansburg, Va.
telephone (540) 382-2202
year opened 1953
booking policy

single features, shown twice nightly

sound speakers, FM stereo
other features digital projection
admission $6; children 11 and under $4

What's Playing
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The Conjuring
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
The Exorcist
It Chapter Two
Trick 'r Treat
The Shining (1980)

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Average rating: 4.55 (22 votes)
  "This is a super place and still half the price of the cineplexes.
  "I disagree with a review below in several items:
- cars are NOT allowed into the second showing until first showing is ending
- part of the fun of coming here is the kids in the play area at the front before the movie starts
- I have never heard loud music in all of my visits
- it is wonderful to be able to sit on a blanket or lawn chair down front or in the back of a pickup in the back rows (I have done both)
- they have updated the sound system to use either the old fashioned speaker on the pole or use your in-car radio
- prices in the concession stand are quite reasonable
  "My only complaint is that they usually cut off the movie end credits so that cannot be seen when there is something I would like to check out.
  "BTW, I am not a theater owner and have been coming here for two decades."  4
-- Keath Marx
  "I love going with my children. But I hope the the prices don't go up any more. I live on child support and it makes it hard, not counting the gas to drive that far."  5 -- Christi
  "I went to the Star-Lite exactly once, in 1981, to see a horror movie I couldn't find elsewhere. It was a nice place even then. It was better-maintained than either the Hi-Way or the Autodrome in Radford had been. Those two, of course have long since faded into history, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out today that the Star-Lite is still open."  4 -- Bill
  "I am stunned by the number of 5-star reviews for the Starlite. These people must be the theater owners. I will say that had the Starlite been a traditional drive-in with two features I would have ranked higher; unfortunately the Starlite features the same movie played two times per night resulting in cars pulling in during the second half of the first show hoping to get a good spot for the second running of the show, so if you like a bunch of disruptions (car headlights, kids running through the parking lot, loud music, etc.) to ruin the movie experience then this is the place for you."  1 -- Dan Gorman
  "I love it! I've been going there for as long as I can remember, and each summer, we go every Saturday, sit on a blanket on the ground and enjoy the movie while we eat. The food is as good as always, and the price of admission has gone up a dollar or so lately but it is worth every penny! I can't wait for it to open up again and have more memories made there!"  5 -- Alicia
  "Love it. The only bad thing I can say about it is the season's too short. There's no reason they should close right after Labor Day when it's warm at least through early October. Otherwise great prices, quiet area (no loud background noise) and cheap concessions (no $6 drink or $7 popcorn here)."  5 -- Eric
  "I went a couple years ago and loved it, however I had a problem hearing the movie. They have done improvements on the sound which now makes a it a 5! Love this place."  5 -- La
  "I love the park-like atmosphere, despite being right off rt. 11. Go to Dude's Drive-in before the show for a total '50s experience or Due South BBQ for the best BBQ in NRV.
  "Original buildings and neon very well maintained. You can now tune in the sound on your car radio in case one of the sets doesn't work. However, never have had a problem with the sound equipment."  5
-- Matt
  "We have been going to the Starlite since 1996. Took daughter there, and now both grandsons. We all love it. Blankets, lawn chairs. Their food is delicious and a bargain, too. It certainly brings back a great piece of my childhood. Many thanks to the Beasleys for keeping it running and affordable for families."  5 -- Teresa
  "Love going to this drive-in year after year! Great prices for good entertainment."  5 -- Sarah
  "Been twice and both times the sound has gone out in the middle of the movie. They refused to refund us and just gave us a token to come back... we live an hour away."  1 -- Bradley
  "We took our kids to the Starlite drive-in to see the Cars 2 movie. This was out first time at the Starlite. Really enjoyed the movie. We put a blanket on the ground in front of the car, eat Popcorn. The pictures on the web site make it look older than in person.   "Super Clean, I didn't see any trash on the grounds at all. We will be going back. And I have been telling Friends and Family about the Starlite."  5 -- Rhonda
  "This place is amazing, I have been going since before I could even walk. I love it here and I tell all my friends about it and try to go to all the movies."  5 -- Katie Peters
  "The rating needs to be higher!! I am 51, now live in WI but have been to the drive-in. Also I worked there, started doing clean-up on the mornings after the movie and I was only 14-15 at the time. My family lives behind the drive-in and still does, my brother and I used to kinda sneak in every now and then but most of the time we just went in to get the food at the snack bar. I used to hang out at the ticket booth with Mr. B and talk to him. Mrs B. used to come out and chase us off from just hanging out in front of the snack bar which was always ok too. She was really nice also. I will be going back there this summer with my kids and my Grandkids if it is a good movie for them, hope so 7/23-7/30."  5 -- Jeff Shephard
  "We go every movie."  5 -- V. East
  "We love going to the drive-in. It's nice to be able to go somewhere for entertainment that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Great place to take the whole family. Food is awesome, the BBQs, Hotdogs, and Fries can't be beat. My only wish is that they would keep it open during the fall -- I'm sure people would come during cooler weather."  5 -- Cindy
  "This place is enchanting, an old-fashioned drive-in with great hot dogs and BBQ sandwiches and the best fries you'll find anywhere. Great group of people go there with kids and dogs, it has to be experienced, don't miss it this summer. We've lived here four years and we always look forward to the day the Starlite opens."  5 -- Two fans
  "All I can say is Flashbacks. I love it and wish my kids were still younger. I may have to borrow some kids until I have grands to take."  5 -- Mark Turner
  "We love going to the Starlite Drive-In whenever we can. The hotdogs and french fries are my absolute favorite! I don't care if the movie is any good or not; as long as I get my hotdogs and fries. The Beasley's are wonderful people and I am so glad they've kept the drive-in open all these years (and the prices can't be beat). I look forward to nights at the Starlite for many years to come!"  5 -- Susan
  "We love going to the Starlite, everyone is very nice. We found out about it 3 years ago and go as often as possible. We have a 45 minute drive each way but well worth the time. If you have young children they will love it too, there is a grassy area in front of the screen where the kids play before the movie. Our children are in their late teens so we don't get to hear small children laugh and play, so it's nice to hear them play. The food is good and priced really reasonable, need to arrive early to avoid lines. (I am not affiliated with the drive-in)"  5 -- Cindy

Click here to see the 1983 USGS map depicting the drive-in and surrounding area.
here to see an April 1998 aerial photo of the drive-in. Note the ring of trees around the property that serves to minimize ambient light from the highway and surrounding homes.

Above photos taken June 1998.

Above three photos by Stu Megaw, taken May 2000.

Starlite marquee by night, August 2001.