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Blue Grass Drive-In
alternate US 58, Castlewood, Va.
years of operation: early 1950s-at least 1980
currently: Castlewood Funeral Home

"While I worked at the Cavalier Drive-In Theatre in Lebanon for several years, my younger brother followed me into the drive-in business as he became the projectionist at the Blue Grass. One of the unusual problems encountered at the Blue Grass was the fact that under certain weather conditions, the fog from the nearby Clinch River would become so dense that the movie would be fogged out and refunds or passes would have to be issued." -- "The Phone Doc"

"My mother worked at the drive-in for a few years making popcorn and working the snack bar. We used to live next to it; we used to watch the movies from the back yard and listen to them on the radio.
"I started working there when I was 15. I sold tickets and in an unusual set-up, the popcorn was sold when you bought your ticket at the ticket booth. After a while, I was transferred to the snack bar which was just behind the projection room. I worked there until I graduated from high school. After I went to work at the snack bar, my mother took over my job of selling tickets. Can't remember how long she worked there. It was a long time ago."
-- Sharon Sargent

Click here to see the 1991 USGS map depicting the drive-in and surrounding area.

Formerly the marquee. Photo taken June 1998.

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