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Bedford Drive-In
Big Island Rd. (VA 122) north of Bedford, Va., just past Liberty High School
years of operation: 1949-82
currently: abandoned; only main building stood in 1998

Originally named the Center Drive-In; changed name in 1953.
"A neighboring animal hospital has converted about 1/4 of the site to a paved parking lot for their customers (or patient's owners?).  Excess dirt from the renovation was used to smooth out some of the bumps that still existed from its use as a drive-in.  Cinder block projection building/snack bar looks as though it is being used for storage of some sort." -- John Messier

Click here to see the 1991 USGS map depicting the drive-in and surrounding area.
here to see a 1994 aerial photo of the drive-in's remains, with the ramp pattern vaguely outlined.

From the looks of things, this concession stand utilized both indoor and outdoor serving counters -- unusual.

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