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Cumberland Drive-In

location US 11 at PA 233 south of Newville, Pa. (1 mile north of I-81 exit 11)
telephone (717) 776-5212
year opened 1952
capacity about 465 cars
booking policy double features

sound FM
other features digital projection
admission adults $10, children 3-12 $4. Triple features: $10 / $5 (minimum $15/car). Reservation of spaces available for extra charge.

The Cumberland is among dozens of drive-ins nationwide in the running to receive one of five new digital projection systems, courtesy of Honda's Project Drive-In. Click here to vote online, or text Vote65 to 444999. Voting is open through September 21, 2013, and you may vote twice a day, once via Web and once via text.

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Average rating: 4.33 (58 votes)
  "Just make a smoking section for smokers."  4 -- ms
  "I've been going to this drive-in during summer visits to Carlisle for a LONG time -- now I live in the area and have been bringing my own children here. If you love Drive-ins, Nostalgia and good country air, you will love the Cumberland Drive-in. I have never been bothered by anyone or their smoking habits... just sayin'..."  5 -- Karen
  "Need kid-friendly movies! The Drive-in is for the family too!!"  2 -- Mercersburg
  "What ever happened to the family movies? We haven't been to the drive-in all season yet! Zombies, sex, killing? We see enough of that on TV!! What a sell-out! We live in a society of 'monkey see, monkey do'. THINK ABOUT THE KIDS!!"  3 -- Terri
  "Smoke em if you got em, smokers really don't have many public [places] to go anymore, let us enjoy!!!!!"  5 -- rocco
  "Wish you played the children's movie first, then we could leave and not watch the adult stuff. I'm sure adults would not mind staying late to see the adult movie. But when you want to take the children to church next day it is a problem the way you prioritize the showings."  -- jim
  "Love coming to the drive-in! As far as the smoking, there really should be a designated area for both. We have sat next to people that let their stream of smoke hit you in the face. With a large family you can't move and you can't give someone common courtesy... please make it enjoyable for both!"  4 -- Kathy
  "This was the worst experience my family has ever had at a drive-in. I will never go here again! We prepared for it to be busy being Memorial Day weekend so we went 2 hrs early, and ended up sitting in a line that stretched down the road and through a stop light. Once we spent over an hour sitting in that line we come to find out only after we paid that the majority of spots are now reserved so there was no point in coming early anyway!! And at least 10-15 of the reserved spots ended up not being filled anyway. I was not happy to find that all over the parking lot there is broken glass (green and brown) where my son plays and people are walking in sandals, I thought this was suppose to be a FAMILY friendly place!!! Then when they finally started the movie at 9PM (which is not dusk!!) they continued to park cars in the driving lanes, and the reserved spots that were so important to save early in the night. And as for the smoking issue. I don't like my son around it but everybody has a right to be there. They should however separate the smoking from the non-smoking so that our children don't have to breathe it!"  1 -- Jeremy
  "We come up whenever we have a free Saturday night. We love it. Everything is reasonably priced. The staff is friendly. For anyone considering going but hesitant because of the smoking comments, ignore them... Come, there is plenty of room. If somone is smoking beside you, there is almost always room to move your vehicle down some.... The only time I've ever been there that there wasn't room to move your vehichle is when it is a holiday and they are playing the 3 movies. And then there is always the option of watching from your vehicle... In my experience it is usually cooler there anyway and sometimes that's a better option anyway."  5 -- Melissa
  "Even though it is outside, a smoker right next to you is unbearable for someone allergic to smoke and you still breathe the smoke. Second hand smoke is more harmful to other people than the smoke the smoker is breathing into their lungs. If someone wants to slowly kill themselves, let them. Just don't let them take others with them. Rating would be a 5 if smoking was banned or [smokers were] made to park in the last row, then you could park closer to the front and avoid it."  4 -- Bre
  "Good Lord, both smokers and non-smokers are sounding retentive on here. I've never been here yet so I thought I would get on here and check it out and instead of seeing actual reviews about the place I see nothing but bitching and moaning from smokers and non-smokers. I smoked for over 22 yrs so I can understand the thinking behind their point, but I also quit 7 yrs ago to MY benefit so I understand their point as well. But all in all, in my opinion, it's a free country, it's OUTSIDE for Gods sake and that being the case, smokers should have respect for the non-smokers by smoking in their cars only and the non-smokers should respect that it's a right that they have to smoke and if you happen to smell it, then walk away. NOW how bout some people put some reviews on the establishment and their experience."  -- B.L.
  "Great friendly environment. Was just there last night! To all you morons thinking we can't smell your disgusting cigars, please take a look to your left, or right, the next time you are there. I guarantee at least one of your neighbors are disgusted by your unhealthy habit. You act like the cars are parked 50 feet away from each other. As it is, we barely have 3 feet between us. Please continue smoking, at home, and kill yourself faster. Don't bring the rest of us down with you. What's most pathetic is that you have a car full of kids who already have black lung because of you. No Parent of the Year award for you!"  5 -- Black Lung
  "So I hear you guys are trying to ban smoking, well it isn't going to work because I won't stop smoking. Instead of banning it you should have a smoker section."  5 -- pacman
  "My family and I come almost every weekend, we have fun at the drive-in with our Lil boy but if u banned smoking I won't be able come anymore, my husband smokes. I want 2 keep coming until my son gets older and don't want 2 come anymore... I feel like everywhere u go they try to ban smoking."  5 -- jen
  "Our family loves coming here, the movies are a great value for families and this is such a dying trade! As far as smoking goes, it's outside and really shouldn't matter to anyone! People always find something to complain about, geez!! I am a non-smoker and really don't care if I'm outside! There is enough fresh air for everyone, even the kids!!!"  5 -- Dawn
  "The drive-in is nice, there is a playground and cleaner bathrooms than I expected. My biggest complaint is the smoking. The overall opinion on here seems to be that smoking is an inalienable right, unfortunately this establishment doesn't ban it so there isn't anything I can do besides write a review and spend my money elsewhere. The sub average level of intelligence needed to consider smoking around children a safe activity is something that makes me cringe. Great place to go, unfortunately the people around you can ruin the experience."  3 -- Ian Weir
  "I wish you would play the kids movie first and then the adult movie second. That way if you are just going for the kids you can leave after the first one or if they fall asleep you can watch the adult one alone."  4 -- susan
  "Most people come to the drive-in to relax and smoke and if people smell my smoke they have their nose where it doesn't belong. Don't like it, don't come, it's been that way since drive-in opened. Stay at home and let us enjoy our freedom."  5 -- den
  "I think it is a wonderful place. It's outside, you can smoke while the movie is playing. I think they shouldn't let families there because kids and people who are worried about second hand smoke should sit in the back."  5 -- Big J
  "We live in a FREE country and our family looks forward to coming every weekend to your drive-ins regardless if the same movies are playing, WE'RE THERE!! We should be allowed to smoke if we want to without people threatening to take that away. Maybe you should move to another site if you do not like the smoke, but it's not fair to decide whether or not a grown person can smoke or not. We're outside, not in an enclosed area."  5 -- RB
  "Read some comments about banning smoking.... Really? Get real people... It's outside lol. I love the theater!!!"  5 -- Nathan
  "Love the drive-in, we come every weekend! If smoking is banned then we won't be able to come! It's an outside event not inside!"  5 -- chris
  "I've been going to these drive-ins for over 5 years now and I absolutely [love] them! The movies are up-to-date and the prices are ridiculously cheap, especially for the theaters today. You get to see 2 movies for usually $5-7 and the food is delicious! My entire family now goes to these movies! Would recommend to anyone looking for something different and it's usually great for smaller kids too. Just look up the movies showing ahead of time :)"  5 -- Allie
  "Stop complaining about smoking, you're just making yourself look stupid."  5 -- Yew
  "Great time, awesome, exactly what America is all about. Enjoy the freedom of being able to be in my car and smoke if I like and not be persecuted because of it. Just glad this is one of America's most enjoyable things to do. What a great revenue to be able to go to movies and spend time with the family and enjoy great entertainment, thank you again!!! "  5 -- Angela
  "This would have been great for my family if it wasn't for the smoking. We won't be returning unless it becomes smoke free, it ruined our time and sadly people do not care for their children's health and smoke right around them."  3 -- Emily
  "I am so happy that my children get to experience the drive-in's like I did as a kid. I was wondering if you have thought about having a band play music for the few hours before the movies start. That might be fun for kids and parents."  5 -- Cami White
  "Came an hour and half early and surprised at the amount of people already here. Make sure u come early but it's a great place for the whole family."  5 -- late as usual
  "Why $10.00 for a single occupancy car? This seems so discriminatory......."  4 -- gary
  "We love the drive-in! Love the kids movies! Only wish it were non-smoking."  5 -- 4monkeysmom
  "Great great place, very awesome, great family fun!!!!"  5 -- Angela Miller
  "We love the drive-in. It is a family tradition since I was a child and now I bring my own children. I say keep it the way it's always been. The drive-in has always played one child movie, by the end of it the kids are asleep and the adult movies begin. If people have a problem with that, go to the mall. Also regarding smoking and date nite, have date night on a Friday evening, that way the families still have the weekends. Smoking... come on people, I don't smoke and if your children are around it then they should not play near someone else's car. Keep up the great family feeling, you're doing a great job Cumberland Drive-in."  5 -- loyal fan
  "Was there over Memorial Day and it was awesome...haven't been to a drive-in since Smokey and the Bandit! Had such a nice time (except for the fog). Do think at least one weekend or one night per weekend be more adult themed..."  4 -- Jen
  "What????? I have to pay $3.00 more just because I am coming to the drive-in alone???"  4 -- a loyal fan
  "Love the drive-in but also have a problem with so many people smoking and may not be able to support the drive-in if this keeps happening. Second hand smoke is worse than first hand on your health. Have you considered banning smoking or assigning certain rows only for smokers."  -- Bre
  "I just love this place!!"  4 -- peggy
  "Please, consider banning smoking on the facility. This is supposed to be a family-friendly environment. I will no longer be able to support the Drive-In if there are so many people blowing cigar smoke around my children. You have a wonderful organization but smoking is not healthy - for anyone!"  4 -- Loyal Fan
  "Terrific drive-in. A piece of Americana, reasonable and a great place for kids, however my wife and I are in our late 50's and agree with other comments that there aren't enough adult features and too many kids movies. Perhaps the drive-in does generate more profit that way, and I suppose I can't argue if that's the case. "  5 -- Keith
  "Love your drive-in!!! Drive-in's are for families. Please always keep this in mind, another R-rated movie would be a huge mistake. We have enough of that at the malls!!"  5 -- John
  "Your Drive-in is the only place around that a family can go to and not have to worry about smut or bad language to make a buck!! Please don't ever sell out to the industry. We have been coming to your drive-in for 18 yrs.! Always look forward to your opening every year. It has become a family tradition! Grandparents attend as well:) Thanks for making a great memory for our family/friends!!"  5 -- Terri
  "We like having a child-friendly movie followed by an adult movie! Also, we love when there are extended holiday weekends with multiple children's movies!! It would be nice to add a summer children's movie night, maybe on Thursdays where a movie starts before dusk and is a discounted children's movie. The food was reasonably priced and the swing set is nice to help little ones get rid of excess energy."  5 -- Mother
  "WOW love our drive-ins, own a home in Fayetteville and we visit 2 to 3 times a mth. Thanks for all the fun under the stars the whole family enjoys due to warmer weather this season. Please open in March... thanks once more."  4 -- dave & april hummel
  "Nice facility. Agree with others, one weekend evening should have movies for older viewers, not children."  3 -- tim
  "The area is well kept, but there should be more adult movies made available."  4 -- Bill
  "There needs to be less kid movies and maybe Saturdays adult nite."  4 -- cory
  "How about some movies for adults?? We need a 'date-night' on Saturdays for show too many kid-movies!!!"  4 -- Sharon S.
  "The drive-in is such a fun place to go with the family after a long week. It's an awesome part of the past and I hope it stays around for a long time yet. We need more drive-ins. The price is terrific!"  5 -- DW
  "Very clean. Nice crowd. Serene setting. Reasonable concession prices. Reasonable rental price for radios. Good movie choices."  5 -- Barbara
  "It would be cool if they would host a cosplay/anime thing. They could have like a showing of movies like Naruto and Bleach, that would be so awesome"  4 -- Megan
  "Once again we had a great time at your drive-in. We hate to see the summer end but look forward to your opening in the spring of 2008. Great prices and great movies. Thank's again for a great time."  5 -- Gary and Marianne Kennedy
  "We love coming to the drive-in. The location is good, the food is great!... It takes me back to my childhood and the kids really like it. The only negative I can think of is also about being able to find out what's playing earlier. Otherwise, keep up the great work!!!"  5 -- "Chambersburg Visitor"
  "Great movies for a great price and a true Drive-In experience. Plan on arriving early to stake out a good viewing spot. People start arriving a couple hours before showtime at this rural, family oriented drive-in to socialize and give the kids some time on the playground. Good food at the snack bar, or bring a picnic dinner."  4 -- Michael Breen
  "The price of the movies, as well as the food, is a deal. The playground is a nice touch so that the kids can get their wiggles out and have something to do before the movie starts. It would be helpful, though, if the website was kept current."  4 -- "from Chambersburg"
  "We enjoy going to your drive-in every summer, and look forward to your opening in 2007. Thanks for a great time."  5 -- Gary and Marianne Kennedy
  "New movies, great prices, can't beat it. Thanks!"  5 -- Pat Davis
  "Awesome! 'Nuff said."  5 -- Travis McGlaughlin
  "2, sometimes 3 new releases for 6 bucks....and food at reasonable prices...what a deal!!! great summer fun"  5 -- Michael Alderton
  "Is there anyway to update your web site on showings earlier. It is Thursday and it is still showing what was played last weekend."  3 -- Melodie

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