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Bright Leaf Drive-In

location 150 N. Andy Griffith Pkwy. (US 52 north next to Mayberry Mall), Mount Airy, N.C.
telephone (336) 786-5494
year opened 1955
capacity 300 cars
booking policy

double features (some Friday & Saturday triple features)

sound FM stereo
admission $6; children 4-10 $3; under 4 free; $5 charge for outside-food permit

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Average rating: 4.64 (22 votes)
  "It was the most fun I've had in the 30 years since I LAST went to a drive in!"  5 -- dixiejet
  "Great fun for the family, but the cokes were flat and the bathroom line is too long!"  5 -- Luke Tuttle
  "I am a black woman, who wanted to enjoy a drive-in movie like the white people, and every other race there, but instead I was so uncomfortable, I felt like the first black person to walk on earth."  1 -- T Lewis
  "I LOVE THIS DRIVE IN!!!"  5 -- Beth Broughton
  "Glad to see that there is one drive-in still open so our kids can enjoy what we did when we were kids, this is just great and the movies and prices are great. Way to go Bright Leaf, keep it up and don't ever close it down"  5 -- Ann
  "I've always loved the Drive-In....sitting in the back of your truck with a blanket and the stars. Has a great affordable price ~ the only thing I would suggest to the owners is updating (when affordable) the grill to where they could get people in and out more quickly and the restrooms as well...The wait is what gets to people ~ it's sad to say....But, it's a Rush! Rush! world and most people do not have patience LOL!!! But, overall great fun for the whole family or just you and your sweetie. LOL!!"  4 -- Kim
  "I have been there 2-3 times and really enjoyed it, My grand-daughter came with us once and she thought was something to see a movie seating in the car .Thank-you for a real good time."  5 -- Mary Terry
  "Great experience, but the bathrooms need to be upgraded badly."  5 -- "The man"
  "I used to watch that drive-in from my grandparents' cow pasture there in Toast!...I hope you guys keep it open for a long long time!...I love it there! We need good wholesome places like this around!...God Bless !"  5 -- Brian Smith
  "You can not find places like this where we are from in South Florida. The setting was classic and everything you love about a drive-in including all the food, hot dogs and snow cones!!!"  5 -- The Jones Family
  "Have been coming here since I moved to Winston 10 years ago, love it. Only place around where I can bring my dog with me to the movies. She loves the hot dogs, not so much the pizza."  4 -- dawi and onion
  "Tim and I grew up in this area and remember going to the drive-in as children. It is delightful to be able to share the experience again. Hope the drive-in is open for years to come!"  4 -- Tim and Donna Collins
  "I hope i speak for a lot of people like myself, I suffer from anxiety attacks and panic attacks and it's hard for me to go out in public and enjoy a night out. But i can enjoy the drive-in any weekend i want to get out!!!! Thanks for the help with my problem Bright Leaf. I just wish the bathrooms were bigger!!!!!!!!!!!!"  5 -- Becky
  "Great food and fun for the entire family. The only negative comment I have is the movie doesn't always start on time."  5 -- LD
  "I love it!!! Not only are the movies great but so is the food!!! "  5 -- Brenda Blevins
  "Have been going since there were swings in front as a child. I am now 54 and have since completed my college education. There is nothing better than an outdoor theatre and watching from the car and snuggling or just bringing the kids. We never get better than the basics for fun..glad you have a devotion to keep the theatre and serve good old times..thanks."  5 -- vern roberts
  "I love going to the drive-in, I hope it will always remain open."  4 -- Keke
  "I love this place, cheap to watch a movie. and great food, even though a little high... bathrooms need to be redone badly, but overall really great to go there and enjoy a good movie for not much money :)"  5 -- goodman
  "Why did you close it. We have loved it since the first time we had visited. Whyyyyyy? "  5 -- Tami & Mike

Click here to see a 1993 aerial photograph showing the drive-in.

Enjoy the show in confidence, Deputy Fife is on duty! (Remember, this is the real-life Mayberry.)

As twlight sets in and showtime approaches...