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Eden Drive-In

location 106 Fireman Club Rd., Eden, NC
telephone (336) 623-9669
year opened 1949
capacity .
booking policy

double features

sound FM
other features digital projection
admission adults $7, children 6-11 $5, under 5 free
website click below

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The Bikeriders
Despicable Me 4
Inside Out 2

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Average rating: 4.53 (19 votes)
  "I drive a truck and usually try to get there early and get a spot around the middle of the parking lot from front to back and side to side. I do so, so that I can see the movie well; I can't see it very good from the back row or on the sides. I have had smaller cars who got there long after me ask if I would move which I won't. They should get there as early as I do. Making people park in the back and sides because my vehicle is bigger is discrimination and would surly lose me as a customer."  4 -- Concerned Customer
  "Can you bring your dog?"  -- Eric
  "We love it! A must do for everyone!!!!!"  5 -- tammy lombardi
  "I had the fortune to visit this Drive-in back in September 2012, as I am from the UK I have never experienced a drive-in, and I gotta say this was awesome. I shall be moving to the states very shortly, so I will be sure to pay you many many visits in the future, big thumbs up from the UK :)"  5 -- Carlton Hepworth
  "Love, Love, Love the Drive-in! There's nothing more fun than being outside in your own lawn chair with a blanket cover and just sit back and enjoy not one but two movies for cheaper than the price of a single Matinee movie at the over-inflated major movie houses. It's unique, fun, and just an all around great time. I highly recommend the drive-in to any family or couple as the best movie night experience out there. Try it out... You'll love it!"  5 -- Scott
  "I love going there, it is a great experience and very fun and they always play great movies and my son loves it. He is 2."  5 -- Laine
  "Perfect place to have a great family night out. An average family of 4 - 2 adults and 2 children - will only cost $14 and often to see a double or even a triple feature --all current new releases. Arrive early and enjoy the playground or horseshoe pit, bring a picnic or have snacks there. In the cooler months like October, bring a cozy blanket. For those who commented about trucks and SUVs -- I wonder just how small are their cars, because the parking spaces are layered meaning that you can easily view over the vehicles and see the large screen. Some people just like to complain!!! I love that you can listen to an FM channel for the sound or enjoy the outdoor speakers if you choose to sit outside your vehicle or sit on the deck. Great sound quality without the box hanging off your window. This is 1 of 4 drive-in theaters that remain in NC, so if possible, plan a night out to the Eden Drive-In."  5 -- K
  "Kids love it. Playground really helps keep them busy while waiting for the movie to start. Food is OK too (just got to watch out at the checkout, was overcharged Friday when we came to see Cars 2 $4.50 too much) but overall it was nice to spend time with the whole family. Well worth the price to see the movie (cover charge), will be seeing you in soon."  4 -- mary ellen haskeit
  "LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT. I do agree, need to put trucks and SUV in back. We had a great time, fireworks was nice addition also, can't wait to come back soon."  5 -- kelly
  "The only thing that needs improving is if there is any way, to make sure large trucks and SUV's go to the back or end of aisles. We came last Friday, and had problems seeing the full screen because of a SUV. We asked nicely for them to move over or put down the hatch and they tried to pull it down but it kept raising up. They had kids and said they'd be in the back. After it kept raising up, they stopped fooling with it. We love coming to the drive-in!!!!!"  5 -- Dale Clifton
  "Trucks and large vehicles should be asked to park in the back rows. We were there April 29th about an hour and a half before the movie started, as the movie started a truck pulled in front of us and blocked our view. We told them the truck was blocking our view, they ignored us. We had to move to be able to see the movie. Some people have no respect for others."  5 -- Sam & Mary
  "Fun for everyone, GREAT DEAL for the family, 2 movies sometimes 3, can't beat that with a stick, GREAT TIME FOR YOUR MONEY"  4 -- krista
  "So much fun and very affordable!"  5 -- hollie brogan
  "My Husband and I love it!! We enjoy laying in our lounge chairs in the bed of the truck and kick back and relax after a long week of work!!! We love <3 the Eden drive-in and would love to bring our children there one day!! :)"  5 -- Sara
  "I've been carrying my kids here since they were old enough to talk ,they looove it and so do I!!!
  "Can't beat the price and two or three movies!!! They offer more than just popcorn, which at a reg movie place the popcorn and a drink will run you as much as the two movies here!!! You also can bring your own snacks as well and enjoy the movie in the privacy of your own car or sit outside. I just love this place!!!"  5
-- Crystal
  "I enjoyed the movies but the bathrooms need to be cleaned (especially the men's) and the concession stand needs to be cleaner."  3 -- Rusty
  "When I was a little girl my parents used to take me to the drive-in every weekend. Now thanks to you I can take my children and grandchildren. I always looked forward to going. I hope that you will continue to stay open for a very long time."  5 -- Carolyn Sellers

A writer for a Greensboro free weekly paper makes the trip up to the Eden and recounts her experience in this article.

   "The Eden Drive-In theater ...was known as the Leaksville Drive-In [formerly]. It closed and when it was reopened it was re-named the Eden Drive-In. This was prompted in part by a 1967 consolidation of three towns, Leaksville, Spray and Draper, NC. The new town was called Eden.
   "To further complicate matters, at the same time the Leaksville Drive-In was in existence there was a second drive-in theater in what was then known as Leaksville. The second drive-in was called the Eden Drive-In theater.
   "The new Eden Drive-In movie theater is open for most of the year and much of that time it is open seven days week. On the weekends they have double and triple features of current movies. On weekdays a double feature is the usual. The price is $3.50 a person or $7.00 a car load, truck load, van load, whatever you drive, as many as you can cram into it. The concession stand is fully equipped and offers a wide variety of good foods. How can you beat that?
   "Yet, at the same time, they allow you to bring your own. One night someone behind us on the back row was cooking out on a grill. Another night someone was eating pizza they brought. Times have changed but the drive-in movie experience really hasn't. Thank goodness. It is a fun, relaxed good time at your own pace.
   "The sound is delivered to your car radio on a particular frequency. I guess that helps to cut down on what must have been a large extra expense of the early theaters, driving off with the speaker still attached to you car window. Also it must have done a lot of damage to cars. Now you can listen to the movie in stereo in your vehicle or on a portable radio. I started to say 'transistor' radio, force of an old habit from that time.
   "People sit in chairs near their vehicles. They sit on blankets on the ground. The young children have a large playground to keep them entertained before the beginning of the movies and during intermissions. There is a large open air deck on the front of the concession stand where you can eat or just sit to watch the movies. The owners want you to have a good time. They celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and about anything else worth noting with announcements on the PA system. They have a good time doing it.
   "The place is close to full most nights and often it is full. The nights Titanic was showing they took an extra half an hour or so to make sure everyone was parked somewhere. Cars line up waiting to get in. They come from all over. Often, to kill time waiting for dark, they call out the names of cities and towns all around. You acknowledge where you are from by blinking your lights which reflect on the giant screen. One night all but one was represented and I am talking about places up to 75 miles away.
   "At the Eden Drive-In the drive-in experience is still alive and well. Time has stood still."
-- Carl Grohs

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