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301 Drive-In
US 301, Waldorf, Md.
450 cars
years of operation:
part of Festival At Waldorf shopping center

Opened by the Baltimore-based Fruchtman theatre chain (later JF Theatres); sold to the Roth's chain in 1963. Opening feature was God's Little Acre; the snack bar offered an early non-alcoholic brew called "Maltcrest".
** Bob Mondello, movie critic for National Public Radio, was the advertising director for the Roth's chain who came up with many of the "dusk-to-dawn" gimmicks at the 301 and other drive-ins. He recounted those stories on a recent edition of Weekend All Things Considered. Click
here to listen to this segment. **

Click here to see the 1985 USGS map of the 301 Drive-In and surrounding area.
here to see a 1988 aerial photo of the drive-in.

The marquee, depicting the opening-night bill from June 26, 1958. Below, a daytime photo of the marquee from 1988, courtesy of Greg Laxton.

Below: the opening-night ad.

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