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Super 50 Drive-In
US 50, ½ mile north of Trappe, Md. (midway between Easton and Cambridge)
capacity: 300-350 cars
years of operation: 1952-85
currently: projection/snack bar building still stands on otherwise vacant property

An XXX venue during its declining '80s days.
"Ah, Yes! The old Super 50. Spent my first visits there in the early 50's sitting/sleeping in the backseat of my parent's Plymouth in my pajamas. Made many visits with some of my most memorable coming when I was a driving teenager in 1966. Oooo La La! I returned recently and took a few shots. The snack bar/projection room is now the bulls-eye in the middle of a grass covered driving range. However, the old projectors and Peerless Magnarc lamphouses are STILL in the projection room, door wide open, and really don't look that bad." -- Jeffrey McNeal (thanks to him for the two photos below)
"Big Mario's [Sports Center] and the gas station next to it are now torn down, property is being bulldozed and covered with topsoil but the projection/concession stand is still there for some reason." -- Reggie

Click here to see the 1989 USGS map depicting the drive-in and surrounding area.
here to see a 1995 aerial photo depicting the drive-in's remains. Behind the Sports Center building you'll see an outline of the Super 50's "wedge" shape, the central building, and a faint outline of the ramp pattern.

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