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Hancock Drive-In
location 1: old US 40 (Tollgate Ridge Rd.), ½ mile east of Hancock, Md.
capacity: 250 cars
years of operation: 1950-55
(also see
Tri-State Drive-In)

location 2: US 40 (now MD 144) east of Hancock, Md., next to truck stop at I-70
years of operation:
currently: lot used for overnight trucker parking; snack bar/projection building used as a tire shop; screen has been pulled down, fragments of it remain on the ground (September 2000)

"There was an overlap period where both of the drive-ins ran at the same time, and from certain places one could view both screens at the same time." -- John Newbraugh

Click here to see the 1995 USGS map depicting the latter Hancock Drive-In and surrounding area. It's not labeled as a drive-in but is plainly visible just to the west of the Interstate offramp.

Could this have been the last photo ever taken of the Hancock screen? The above and below photos were taken in February 2000.

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