Hager Drive-In

location 20135 Leitersburg Pike (MD 60), Hagerstown, Md.
telephone (301) 797-7270 (business)
(301) 797-6454 (movie line)
year opened 1966 (closed 1987-2005)
capacity 804 cars (original lot; 250-300 in parking-lot section comprising current viewing area)
sound FM
screen size 34' x 58' (inflatable screen)
booking policy for 2006: double features of classic, DVD-available product; horror bills most Saturday nights 
admission $5/person; children under 3 free; outside food not allowed
other features digital projection capacity
website www.hagerdrivein.com

The successor to the earlier Hager Drive-In at Williamsport, it operated from 1966 to 1986. A twin-screen indoor house was built next door in 1970 and co-operated with the drive-in; it was expanded to 10 screens in 1988. Early in 2006, American Family Entertainment (of local Mason-Dixon Drive-In fame) took over the combined property, and went about the task of reopening the long-dormant drive-in in addition to the now-open indoor. The screen is gone from the drive-in, so initially movies were seen on the inflatable screen that was in use at the Mason-Dixon and later the Bowie Baysox DI. More information is contained in this local news article.

Update: it looks like the full resurrection of the Hager will take longer than was expected. The Herald-Mail reports that the county is requiring a site plan to be submitted by AFE, which will push the reopening back to spring 2008 at earliest.

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Click here to see the 1985 USGS map depicting the Hager and surrounding area.
here to see a 1988 aerial photo of the drive-in.

Photo taken early 1992.

Snack bar/projection building, just beyond edge of present parking lot.

Formerly the drive-in marquee. Above 2 photos taken in February 2000.

Below photos from April 2006, courtesy of Travis McGlaughlin:

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