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Super 51 Drive-In
Messick Rd., off Industrial Blvd. (MD 51) southeast of Cumberland, Md.
300 cars
years of operation:
currently: vacant, reverting to woodland

Opened as the Starlite Drive-In by Edgar Growden, earlier of the Crystal D-I in LaVale, and Harold Hyde; changed name to Super 51 in 1968, under new management.
  "I have some additional information and comments about the Starlite/Super 51 Drive-In located in Cumberland, MD. I remember this drive-in when it was in operation and spent some enjoyable summer evenings there with my parents in the late 1960's and early 1970's. I recall seeing a good movie, The Professionals there with my Dad shortly after the drive-in was renamed. I am 46 now, so I was quite young at the time. The drive-in property is for sale and its layout is still intact. With some clearing of land, a new screen, and a new projection/snack bar building it could be reopened. The property is zoned commercial and is offered through a Cumberland real estate agency, Coldwell Banker Workmeister. I do not know what the selling price is. I would really like to see this drive-in reopen! I feel that a drive-in theater would do well in my town, as the nearest one is about an hour's drive away." -- Ron Hoff
  "I just wanted to give you a little info on the Super 51 ( as we all called it ). I went there many times, and to several other drive-ins in the area ( my parents loved 'em ). The Super 51 had a couple interesting things: there is a dam downstream ( professionally built ) that could allow them to back up the river near the screen in the summer as people would bring tubes and floaties and swim before and often during the features. Also, they are the only drive-in I know of that ran porno at times ( the last few years ). I was in high school, so all the boys knew of the nearby hill outside of the grounds where you could see the screen. Never went up there, but we all talked about it." -- Bill Viney

Click here to see the USGS map depicting the Super 51 and surrounding area.
here to see a 1993 aerial photo showing the remains of the site.

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