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Delmar Drive-In
Bi-State Blvd. (US 13/business), Delmar, Del.
capacity: 700-750 cars
years of operation: 1950-85
currently: reportedly sold and the screen torn down

Standing on the Yankee side of this town that straddles the Delaware-Maryland line, this was the lone drive-in serving the nearby Salisbury, Md. area for nearly two decades. It was all X-rated throughout the '80s. In the late '90s it underwent a restoration project that unfortunately fell through due to lack of funds.
"Greetings from Salisbury, MD, home of the Bowl Drive-In, and nearby Delmar Drive-In. Sad to say that the screen at Delmar is now completely demolished. The previous owner did indeed attempt to restore the theater, but, unfortunately, the screen was mainly asbestos, and the cost of removal of old pieces is astronomical.  As of two weeks ago, the snack bar/projection house was still standing, as well as the ticket booth/entrance. 
"I don't know much of the history.  I can only tell you what other friends have told me.  (It was x-rated by the time I was even aware it existed...)  At one point, there used to be a playground, complete with swingset, located at the base of the screen (viewing side), and the price was $1.00 per carload.  The sound system was pole-mounted speakers which were stored in the base of the screen in the off-season.  If you take a look at the aerial photo, you notice a straight line that runs in back of the theater grounds.  It's a railroad track.  If you were adventurous to find the service road along side the track, you could more or less view the movie from the tracks, making up the dialogue in the process. I'm glad someone was able to get photos before it's gone.  Sorry to say, I don't know what the future is for the place, but with a few prayers and some luck, it will be kept, and eventually restored."
-- J. Jones

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An older, 1992 aerial photo can be found

Above photos taken in April 1998. Apologies for the glare in some photos.

The next three photos were taken in the early '90s, before the restoration effort. Thanks to Tony for sending them.

And thanks to Reggie Reaves for these pics, taken in December 2008 of the still-standing ticket booth and some of what's left of the snack bar interior:

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